What To Wear Under A Tight Dress?

When it comes to wearing a tight dress, we are practically paralyzed on what to wear underneath it. Choosing the perfect underwear under a tight or clingy dress is essential to avoid feeling an ugly ducking the whole evening.

The main issue is to avoid getting the so-called panty lines out of the dress. There is nothing more unaesthetic than showing your panty lines under that silky dress. This should be solved easily with a thong, right? Well I thought the same until looking into the mirror and see my not so slim waist and quite large hips. Off curse, you can have lots of body shapers to cover these bulges up. You just have to shop for a good brand such as Squeem or Spanx.

You see, I am not that young anymore and after two pregnancies, it is hard to have that hour glass waist again without some undergarments help. For this I must thank the day Spanx Pantyhose has been invented.

Some girls may suggest you go combo or without any panties at all. I would feel uncomfortable, but it is up to you. Boy shorts or boy-legs are also an option for you to wear, though some may complain that still get VPL.

For a hour glass shape, you should consider go for a slim waist cincher. Though, I cannot promise you that it will not be invisible under a tight  dress.

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