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Best Butt Lift Underwear

Best Butt Lift Underwear
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This little piece of undergarment should never miss from any woman wardrobe. Lots of women fear that someone will notice that their new acquired shape is fake and scared to look ridiculous, but if you choose a proper model, this won’t happen.

There are mainly two types of butt lifting panties that you can buy. The first one has some form of fake pads which simply makes your bottom bigger. The best that I like are the silicone padded panties.

I truly believe they fit better for under thin dresses or clothes made from thin material like silk, Lycra, etc. Some women don’t like it as it looks fake, but I believe it just a matter of choosing the wrong type of product.

The other type of bottom lift panty is the one that looks more like a real body shaper, but it has a special open cup around the buttocks, like in the image below. They are called body shaper with open butt. They are special made to lift up your bottom, shape the abdomen, waist and thighs.

Or, you could look for a butt enhancer booster body shaper like this Fullness Women’s Butt Booster Body Shaper. These do not work as well in lifting your bottom, but I find them that they look more natural.

Another popular type of butt lifting underwear is a molded butt enhancer shaper panty. These have silicone pads and they give you a sexier look. They definitely look great in any clothes you wear. One good product to try is the Sexy Padded Molded Butt Enhancer Shaper Panty .

As you can see there is not one single best butt lifter underwear to choose from. There are several types that you can purchase and, depending what you want, you can find one that suits you. But I would definitely buy one if your bottom does not look as it used too in your younger years. It really does make your derriere look amazing.

1. Sakkas Women Bottom Lifter Panty

The Sakkas Bottom Lifter Panty is by far the most popular women butt panties on the market today. It’s not a padded though, so some women may have an issue with it. It also works for flattening your tummy. They also have another bottom lifting panty that works better for waist control and thigh slimming.

The only complaint about this product from reading multiple reviews online is that it comes short on the size. So, a better idea is to order a size up for you to fit in.

<b>Bottom Lifter Panty</b>Bottom Lifter Panty

2. Leonisa Women’s Derriere Enhancing Panty

These types of lifting panties do not have pads. Honestly, I like them because they are  seamless which makes them ideal to wear under a clingy dress, for example. Also, you may want to pay attention to the pants size. Usually, these types of booty shapers are cut small. They offer moderate enhancement, though. They are comparable to Spanx higher power panty line but with a rear lift. Great everyday shapewear.

<b>Butt Enhancement Panty Shaper</b>Butt Enhancement Panty Shaper

3. Butt Enhancer Booster Body Shaper

Many women are looking for more than just a booty shaper because honestly, most of us have lots of small areas where we would like to be few inches smaller. Many want to have an hour glass shape, plus a round bottom. That requires you a high waist body shaper that also enhance your bottom.  There are not that many types of shareware on the market that do this, except this butt enhancer booster body shaper from Fullness. This company has other lifting panties that you may be interested in as well.

Butt Enhancer Booster Body Shaper

4. LoveMyBubbles Insta Booty Padded Panty

You may prefer some padded panties to enhance your bottom. The LovemyBubbles Insta Booty Padded Panty is one of the best butt lifting undergarment, been by far one of the best padded panties to buy today. What I like about it is that you can actually have a 2 set of booty pads, thin and thick and adjust them to your clothes.

Insta Booty Padded Panty

You may also be interested in my post about Silicone Padded Panties for Women which also can help you achieve your dream bottom shape.

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