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Do Waist Cinchers Work?

Do Waist Cinchers Work?
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ANNchery2021You may have heard about waist cincher often called  waist trainers, either from some kind of advertising , either read in a gossip magazine about a certain celebrity wearing them or maybe saw someone at the gym wearing one.

No matter where you have heard about it, the next logical question is what are they exactly made for and do they really work for what they promise?

The popularity of waist cincher has increased tremendously in the last 2 years, thanks  to celebrities such as Kim Kardasian  and her sisters Instagram’s photos, or other celebrities such as Jessica Alba.

And looking on how their bodies look like, I am  sure you maybe tempted to think that their hourglass shape is only thanks to wearing a waist cincher all day long.

What are waist cinchers made for?


Waist training has been popular for centuries. While old times corsets such as Victorian ones have been out of fashion for decades, now there is a revival of this piece of garment. One of the reason is that the traditional steel boned waist trainers are very hard to wear. You really have a hard time putting  your shoes in them.

Best Selling Waist Trainers


Hence, the design up of the old favorite corset to a latex or rubber waist trainer such as Squeem waist cincher or Ann Cherry waist cincher, which are very easy to wear all day lone. They provide the flexibility, helps your waist look smaller in seconds and it does provide the back support which some women do need them, especially after pregnancy for example. Which is the best waist trainer on the market, it is debatable though.

So, some women wear waist cinchers and/or waist trainers for making their waist smaller and get that hourglass shape. Though,  sometimes your genetics play tricks with you, and no matter how hard are you trying, you won’t get smaller waist and bigger hips it’s also true.

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