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What is the best waist trainer on the market?

What is the best waist trainer on the market?
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what's the best waist trainerWhat’s The Best Waist Trainer?

Waist training is the latest craze made popular by celebrities such as Kim Kardasian and the likes. Though, waist cinchers or trainers and corsets have been used since immemorial times by women to shape their waist.

Some women want just to hide their tummy tuck and get an hour glass shape while wearing a tight dress for few hours, while a few want to really shrink their waistline for good by wearing a waist trainer or corset trainer every day.

While it is possible to lose several inches from your waistline according to some, I am worry about the side effects such practice have to your health for long term. Below I share which I believe there are the best waist trainers or wait cincherĀ  to wear under clothes and give you that thinner look.

Waist Trainer vs. Waist Cincher

Is there any difference between a waist trainer and a waist cincher? I am sure you are confused as I was about this. Semantics aside, a waist trainer is used by women or by men to make their waist one or more inches smaller than their natural shape. This takes a longer time and requires prolonged wearing for up to 12 hours per day, every day. It’s akin to the old days of wearing bond corsets. In contrast, a waist cincher is worn to make your waist and tummy slimmer for a short occasion.

Rubber Waist Trainer vs. Latex Waist Trainer

Most waist trainers nowadays are made from latex or rubber. Their purpose is to make yourself sweat. And, be sure that you will sweat heavenly in them. However, you will lose mostly water and not fat. Many are wearing them while exercising, though I would find that very uncomfortable, really. If you wonder if waist trainers work, please see this article.

Ann Chery Workout Waist Trainer

The Ann Chery waist cincher also known as Columbian fajas is a very popular waist trimmer, also sold as waist training garment. It’s made from latex and can be worn underclothes or as is if you choose their printed latex waist cincher model. The most sought after Ann Chery fajas is the Ann Chery 2025 model. You can read about various Ann Chery wait cinchers here.

Ann Chery Waist Cincher 2025Ann Chery Waist Cincher 2025

Squeem Waist Trainer

Squeem waist cincher is an old brand coming as well from South America, this time from Brasil, also known as Brazilian cincher. In contrast with Ann Chery waist cincher, the Squeem waist trainer/cincher is made from rubber. You can read more about Squeem waist cincher in the following article.

Squeem Waist TrainerSqueem Waist Trainer

Waist Training Belt


Waist Training Belt

A waist training belt is nothing more than a waist slimming belt. Used during exercise, it is advertised as aiding to lose fat and trim your waistline. The best waist training belt is Danskin waist training belt.

Danskin Waist Trimmer BeltDanskin Waist Trimmer Belt



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