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Pelham And Strutt High End Compression Garments

Pelham And Strutt High End Compression Garments
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If you wonder how to get a body posture that also makes you slim, then look no further than Pelham and Strutt compression garments. They look very slick and definitely the quality is there. It has various models for both women and men, such as core vest, core-tshirt and girdles for men and body shapers and high waist shaping shorts for women, perfect to wear for under a tight dress.

Definitely Pelham and Strutt offer high quality body shapers and shapewear for women which are easy to use under garments for every day. One main worry for women at least when buying body shapers is the panty lines. This is even more true when you want to wear them under more thinner  clothes. No one wants to run the risk of getting panty lines. The technology behind Pelham & Strutt compression wear is made not only from a luxurious material, but it is also designed to map your core muscles and give support to them while in the same time slimming for a better silhouette. For more information regarding their material technology, please read more on their website http://www.pelhamandstrutt.com/technology.html.

Why Choose Pelham and Strutt Compression?

Compared with other popular compression garments on the market, such as Spanx or Yummie by Heather Thomson for women or Equmen Core Precision or Spanx for men, the Pelham&Strutt offer you not only a slimmer look, but also a better posture as well. Here are some of the benefits of Pelham and Strutt compression body shapers:


  • Control muscle compression;
  • Sculps, shape and slims;
  • Posture support;
  • No sweating while wearing it;
  • Spinal alignment.


Where can you wear it?

This is important factor when deciding to invest in such a type of garment. There is no point in spending lots of money on a compression wear only to wear it occasionally. Depending on which model you choose, a slimming vest or T-shirt for  men or body shaper or high waist shaping brief in case of women, you can wear them all day, including in the gym. Since they are designed to improve your posture, they are ideal for people working long hours in the office.


Core Body Shaper For Women: This is a classic shapewear model  for women, one which every woman should have in her wardrobe. This particular model aims at compressing the common problem areas for women, the tummy and bum. It helps getting you a slimmer waistline and a firmer bum and hips.

Core Shaping Dress is a strapless dress perfect for those special occasions when we have to wear a special dress. It smooths out any lumps and lumps and dumps you may have and is completely invisible, so no panty lines to worry about.

Core Vest and Core T-shirt For Men: This is ideal for men who want a smooth look. Actually, besides been a great body slimming for men, it is also great for enhancing your body posture, all with a luxury touching feel. You can choose different models, from a vest to full sleeves body shapers, though I suspect the best selling one is the Pulham and Strutt T-shirt.



Pelham and Strutt Men's Core Compression T-ShirtPelham and Strutt Men’s Core Compression T-Shirt



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