Which body shaper after c-section to wear?

Which body shaper after c-section to wear?
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postpartumbodyshaperIn later years it has became common for women to wear shapewear after childbirth. This is something done by centuries by women in other cultures and I am glad it has been adopted here as well. If you had a c-section, wearing a special garment to hold you down there is even more important.

I’ve had two childbirth in my life and I wasn’t prepared for the first one. I was young and you thing you don’t need any of the shapewear for women that are out there. However, after coming home from hospital I felt like my lower stomach will just fell off. Really I had a very strange sensation which amplified when I had to bend and raise up again. Luckily, I had a piece of anti-cellulite leggings bought before pregnancy which were had a high waist. Once I’ve put them on, I was like I can work more again without falling apart sensation.

There are lots of control wear models out there, but I would choose a full body shaper which is easy to open for breast feeding and going to restroom. Off course, there are those after pregnancy girdles and belts which are great, but after c-section and even the first month after childbirth, a faja columbiana postparto is more proper, plus that you can wear it again later on. If this is too much trouble, then I do recommend you look into the best underwear for after c-section.

Elastic Belly Binder

More often than not, you will get from the hospital an elastic belly binder which will help you not feel like you fall apart, plus it may ease your pain after c-section. I would not use an corsetting after c-section, though. A belly binder which is made from something like spandex/elasten is more appropriate. Also, make sure it is breathable, otherwise you may get sweating and skin rash from wearing it all day. There are various models to choose from on Amazon as presented below. Personally, I would buy one before having c-section if you already planned it that way. Another thing about these elastic belly binders is that many women are out of shape after giving birth and these are adjustable around your waist. You may find out that you won’t enter your old spanx shapewear anyway.

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Faja Columbiana Postpartum/Postparto

I really like those Faja Columbiana body suit styles. No worry, it can be worn as a normal body shaper, but it’s great also after c-section surgery or after having a tummy tuck/ liposuction as well. The problem is to get your size well. But, I much prefer those rather than Spanx. They are very well made, with the seam very fine so won’t show off your clothes and smooths things out where it should while lifting up where it should.

<b>DPrada 11086 Fajas Colombianas</b>DPrada 11086 Fajas Colombianas<b>Faja Colombiana Postpartum Support</b>Faja Colombiana Postpartum Support<b>Full Body Postpartum Body Shaper</b>Full Body Postpartum Body Shaper<b>Fajas Colombianas Post-Surgery</b>Fajas Colombianas Post-Surgery


Belly Bandit Shield or Bamboo

I am sure you have heard about Belly Bandit binder before. For someone who has had a c-section surgery, the question in mind is which type of Belly Bandit is fit with your situation. On their website here, they recommend having Belly Bandit Bamboo model as it has more anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. That will keep you safe from getting infections. However, they announce a special made belly bandit for c-section named Belly Shield.

<b>Postpartum Belly Bandit Original</b>Postpartum Belly Bandit Original<b>Belly Shield For After C-Section</b>Belly Shield For After C-Section



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