Best Underwear After C-Section

Best Underwear After C-Section
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upspringcpantyWhat To Wear Home After C-Section?

Recovering after an operation and taking care of a new baby it’s quite stressful. And I am great full that now women can purchase girdles, underwear, and other body shapers that helps with it. Most women after postpartum feel a loose stomach and the need to keep that part tight otherwise you would fall apart. For this reason women have used clothes wraps for ages. But, nowadays you can purchase normal c-section underwear that makes you feel tighter around your waist.

I believe that wearing a high waisted postpartum girdle is a good choice when it comes to what to wear home after c-section. Some even have adjustable belly wrap like this Leonisa postpartum panty which makes it ideal as your body will adjust after loosing baby weight.

Best Pants After C-Section

When you are on for shopping for c-section panties, there are several things to look for. First, you don’t want it to be too tight. Sometimes poorly made girdles cut through your hips and do not let the blood flow properly. Plus that it feels very uncomfortable after few hours.

Secondly, they have to not rub against your scar, which is a very important thing after c-section.

Thirdly, it has to provide compression, but not be too tight also…

UpSpring C-Panty brand has some great c-section recovering underwear. You can buy normal panties or high waisted c-section panties. They are quite expensive but they have really great product for women who are looking for just panties.

Best High Waist Postpartum Girdle

I personally like full body body shapers after c-section, but some women may not be able to wear them. A c-section girdle can do the trick when it comes to recovering your body after c-section or postpartum . Bellefit girdle is one of the best selling postpartum girdles on Amazon.

Some women may wonder why should they invest in a postpartum underwear. Usually new moms ask that…truth is I wish I would know what to expect regarding your after baby body changes. I would had definitely bought one to keep me going and feel better about going on with my life and taking care of my newborn baby.

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