Slimming Body Shapers For Men
More and more men are conscious about how they look.This is one of the reason why more men start to look for undergarments that make them look slimmer. The quality of these undergarments, be it t-shirts or vests or even girdles, have improved considerably, hence their daily use nowadays. You can have a look at…

Look Good With A Tummy Control Swimsuit
Now that the beach season is approaching, it is a good idea to look for a swimsuit that can control not only your tummy, but also your bottom. There are various models to choose from, the tummy control swimsuit tankini model been the most popular choice for women of all sizes, not only plus size.…

Pelham And Strutt High End Compression Garments
If you wonder how to get a body posture that also makes you slim, then look no further than Pelham and Strutt compression garments. They look very slick and definitely the quality is there. It has various models for both women and men, such as core vest, core-tshirt and girdles for men and body shapers…

Why I Love Yummie Heather Thomson Shapewear
There are many shapewear brands on the market, so why Yummie Tummie Shapewear stands out from the crowd? I like their slick design, while advertised for women with post-partum needs, the truth is that you can wear their tank tops and girdles everyday. I particularly like the Yummie Tummie Strappy Tank. A common problem with… (0 comment)

What To Wear Under A Tight Dress?
When it comes to wearing a tight dress, we are practically paralyzed on what to wear underneath it. Choosing the perfect underwear under a tight or clingy dress is essential to avoid feeling an ugly duckling the whole evening. The main issue is to avoid getting the so-called panty lines out of the dress. There… (0 comment)

Best Butt Lift Underwear
This little piece of undergarment should never miss from any woman wardrobe. Lots of women fear that someone will notice that their new acquired shape is fake and scared to look ridiculous, but if you choose a proper model, this won’t happen. There are mainly two types of butt lifting panties that you can buy.… (0 comment)

Men Compression Body Shaper
Best Mens Compression Body Shaper There are various reasons why men may be looking to purchase a body shaper that hides their upper body, also called compression tank tops. There are several brands on the market, best selling body shapers for men being Underworks and Insta-Slim and Spanx for men. Should you wear a compression… (0 comment)
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