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What Is The Best Spanx For Men?

What Is The Best Spanx For Men?
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What’s the Best Spanx For Men?bestspanxformen

Looking for the best  way to tuck your tummy and look slender in your clothes? Nowadays, Spanx is synonym with that and it is just not for women alone. However, they are harder to find than Spanx for women in your regular retail shop.

The Spanx mens’ line comprises of shirts and trunks, mainly. The best seller is the  cotton compression crew. The reason why men preferred it that it looks like a normal underwear shirt under your chemise. My husband always wears one under his office clothes. It does not restrain your daily work at all. However, that doesn’t mean that the compression power level is any high enough.

It’s made out of high stretch cotton, not spandex which it is important if you plan to wear it daily. Sweating heavily while wearing shapewear is a big concern if you plan to wear it while going to work. If you want a men shapewear to lose weight, then I do recommend a waist training cincher for men which are made just for that.

Spanx Cotton Compression Crew Neck vs.  Spanx Zoned Performance Crew Neck

Which Spanx shirt  for men for choose? The cotton crew neck shirt by Spanx is made 81% of cotton and 19% of elasten. The Spanx Zoned Performance Shirt, be it crew neck shape or v-neck shape, are made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex(elasten). As you can see, the later it feels softer and gives a seamless look under clothes, though I wouldn’t wear it for prolonged hours as you will sweat heavily. In terms of how good are at smoothing out the bulges and make you look slimmer, both are very good at that.

<b>Spanx Zoned Performance Crew Neck</b>Spanx Zoned Performance Crew Neck<b>SPANX Cotton Compression V-Neck T-Shirt</b>SPANX Cotton Compression V-Neck T-Shirt<b>Spanx Cotton Control Crew</b>Spanx Cotton Control Crew


Spanx Girdle For Men

For those who would like a  thigh shaping look, Spanx has a trunk and a boxer body shaper model for men. You have Ride-Free Boxer/Trunk model and Pro-Wick Trunk/Boxer design. Both offers a very lightweight control which can be worn everyday.


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