Best In TC Fine Shapewear
Best TC Fine Intimates Camisole I find the TC  Fine Intimates to have some of the best camisoles that also shape your upper body line. The open bust camisole allows it to be worn with your own bra, as is nothing more than unflattering than a flat chest. The Camisole model 4141 is very easy…

Pelham And Strutt High End Compression Garments
If you wonder how to get a body posture that also makes you slim, then look no further than Pelham and Strutt compression garments. They look very slick and definitely the quality is there. It has various models for both women and men, such as core vest, core-tshirt and girdles for men and body shapers…

Why I Love Yummie Heather Thomson Shapewear
There are many shapewear brands on the market, so why Yummie Tummie Shapewear stands out from the crowd? I like their slick design, while advertised for women with post-partum needs, the truth is that you can wear their tank tops and girdles everyday. I particularly like the Yummie Tummie Strappy Tank. A common problem with… (0 comment)
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